2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES

Thank You Surya for letting me take this

out today I’ll leave the link for

Schriever below let’s take the brand new

1100 adventure sports touring and look

yes the electronic suspension that’s

what I wanted to try out with this let’s

take her out and have a little farm

shall we

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hi guys nothing to prove here today’s a

beautiful day because any day one can be

out and about on two wheels is a

beautiful day especially when the sun is

shining I’m in and out of the shade here

today I am on the all new for 2020 honda

africa twin 1,100 the new one and this

is the top-of-the-line spec model that

i’m on the tour version of this with the

electronic suspension that’s why i

wanted to take this out this is Honda’s

first attempt to compete with the other

big dogs in this group your 1250 GS is

your 1290 super adventures or 1200

Tigers with this electronic suspension

first impressions – thumbs up hunt a

good job on your first try this does not

feel like you first try with this

electronic suspension this feels like

actually a second gen although it’s been

out for a while so you’ve had time to

work on it before launching but I’m glad

you launched when you launched because

this electronic suspension is right

there with those other three big dogs

that I just named shocker I’m shocked

good job on it also what’s new new frame

new subframe new exhaust silencer new

swingarm new TFT six and a half inch

touch TFT loving that a good job on

higher handlebars lower seats also

cornering lights right there these bad

boys and also daytime running lights

that adjust to the ambient light around

you they automatically adjust so that’s

nice new windscreen also the only thing

I don’t like about this windscreen is it

takes two hands to adjust

excuse me guys I think that’s because

they want you to pull over to adjust it

but that’s exactly when I don’t want to

adjust it I want to adjust it while I’m

riding with one hand so that’s my only

complaint so far that’s that’s still a

minor once you find your windscreen

setting you’re gonna use keep it there

anyway and as you can see it’s it’s it’s

right in my line it’s in my event

horizon really okay guys I’m gonna go

over all the numbers in this review and

what I’m gonna do also in this review is

is as I’m going over the new numbers I’m

gonna post the old numbers of the old

2019 Africa twin adventure sports of the

review that I did back in June of this

year so I hope you guys stick around and

enjoy the ride


all right guys let’s get right into the

ergonomics of this bike this seat height

is 850 mils and could go up to 870 mils

and right now as you can see on the ride

by it’s an 870 and it actually fits me

perfectly I’m 5 foot 10 176 centimeters

and my inseam is 32 inches so it’s

pretty good

this seat height you can see the gap

right here this is means that this seat

height is at 850 or I’m sorry 870 if it

was at 850 then it would be lower and

close that gap so that’s how you know

right away when you walk up to one of

these and say what’s a seat height boom

right there now you can also get the

accessory seat the the 895 seat that’s

an extra add-on or the low the super low

seat which is 825 millimetres also so

those are the options so if you’re

shorter get the 825 you’re taller get t8

95 if you’re like me right in the middle

this seats perfect you can go at 850 or

at 870 and yes I can flatfoot this no

problems with that flat footing this

bike alright guys now it’s time to get

up close and personal in 4k with this

bike and let’s talk about the numbers

the motor

yeah they increased the stroke by six

and a half millimeters and whenever you

increase the stroke on a motor you get

more torques 105 at just over six

whenever you give me a hundred and five

Newton meters at right around six grand

you’re getting two thumbs up from me

good job Honda and the power is at 102

right at 7500 rpms

I do like this black here I do like the

look of this and this here to this dark

black as well they call it darkness and

that’s why I’m laughing you can also get

the tricolor the red white and blue

color for this too but I do like the way

that this thing glistens this

this black metallic flake flaking in


I hope the phone picks this up my

samsung s9 picks that up pretty good

okay the electronics suspension

excellent and I should be able to see it

right there yeah you can see a hose

going in there and then also a hose

going in there 830 millimeter I’m sorry

230 millimeters of travel it used to be

250 on the previous model why I don’t

know just notice it but no complaints

about the electronic dampening system

good job Honda on your first attempt

great 310 duel discs for pots on their

rated missins and on the rear just a

single Nissen on on a 256 mil and again

on the rear they’ve lessened the travel

on its 220 used to be 240

so I don’t know why they’re doing that

maybe it was something to do with the

whole new suspension in the swingarm

and making the bike possibly a little

shorter I’m just assuming but you can

see right here if this one comes with

the Touring racks with these Touring

racks and the two aluminum cases that

are made to fit on here 1300 euro option

that does not include the top case

that’s another 600 so yeah you’re

talking almost 2k to go with the

aluminum two sides and top case to add

to this but then you’re ready to tour

the world on this nice LEDs on the rear

here loving it coming over on the

flyover 24.8 liter gas tank good job

Honda there’s claiming 500 kilometers or

just over 300 miles range on this what

you could do with the previous gen also

I think that’s twenty four point two

liters on that one

now the handlebar here yeah this looks

real busy doesn’t it this is all the

options which that you can operate the

PFT let me turn that on so this looks

real busy not so busy although it does

have some functionality here too

so as the TFT comes up a six and a half

inch touch TFT so you’re gonna watch

here I have to touch it right there now

I have it in Tour mode so we have your

four drive modes there so tour I gotta

wait for it to warm up or my fingers not

working so well their urban user user to

tour urban there’s gravel and then

there’s off-road and you and then you

can user define your power torque and

also your suspension user to same thing

so there are no power engine braking

torque you can manage your abs here also

if you want to just turn both all the

way off or just the rear off and then

also your suspension settings you can go

in and define those which is pretty cool

actually I am liking this also this TFT

will turn into an a V with a app on your

phone and also with your Apple phone and

so then this whole thing will turn into

an app or to your navigation and then

you still have your speed and your key

bits of information down here I had a

like that good job with that managing

both here Honda also you can touch

manage your torque the Honda traction

control is what this is and you can see

every time I touch it it goes down there

so the torque control I like did it

about six it was very responsive they’re

also the wheelie control I have it on

one I don’t know why you would want a

wheelie on an adventure bike especially

the heavy weight adventure bikes maybe

the 700s 800s you know the middle

weights would be good but this error I

don’t know then you can also adjust your

preload settings one helmet-to-helmet

and luggage very self-explanatory

very nice there

okay you guys can go on to the Honda

homepage for this bike and it’ll go into

a little exercise that you can do and

and learn how to click where to click

and then it gives all the information

you need on this new display that Honda

has so good job Honda with that display

loving it oh yeah and you have here yeah

power that’s good loving that give me

power anytime that I can hook into

alright let’s gear up and see how all

these numbers translate into feel how

does this new bike feel going down the

road alright let me tear up let’s go

[Music] [Music] [Music]

no complaints about the tork or anything

on this


this is really nice


this this the manners of this is that is

excellent the handling the

maneuverability they raid whether it

when the speed limit to is no longer

fifty let’s let’s see if I can flip her

down and go

ah this break will blip good job Honda

two thumbs way way up on this engine and

powertrain the engine and transmission

this this is awesome

nothing but two thumbs up if I could do

three thumbs I’m gonna think I’m going

to do three thumbs on this engine and

transmission Honda yeah you get you in

three thumbs for this the chassis I am

loving this electronic suspension it’s

so smooth it’s so I don’t want to say

docile I don’t want to say a compliant

that’s the word I’m looking for

and this suspension is so compliant that

I am amazed at how well it complies with

everything I tell it to do let’s go this

way shall we yeah

let’s go this way

I’m a little I’m a little lost but I

know about what direction I’m going

because there’s the Sun so I’m kind of

going north right now let’s go get lost

I’m on an Africa twin why not but this

the the the chassis on this no

complaints even though you decrease the

travel but maybe that’s better for the

street I think that that’s what they

were going for with this adventure

sports but on the non adventure sports

on just a normal Africa twin it’s still

decreased from the previous gen so

that’s an interesting little maybe I

shouldn’t have come down here it’s a

little muddy but that’s interesting I’m

loving this display I think I actually

like it better than the triumph display

okay where am I going let’s go left


that should start a new vlog getting

lost on a honda africa twin and how much

fun it is it and if I need to go through

a field I can go through a field no

problem on this


so two thumbs up on the chassis – and

the ER goes on goes without complaint

goes without saying no problem on this

chip on this there goes no problems


I don’t know where I’m going let’s go

this way

the only thing organ Amma Klee speaking

it is I would want a smaller windscreen

to bring it down maybe to three inches I

think that that’s what I would do if I

ended up buying this I would get an

aftermarket screen or find somebody to

take off two three inches off of this

and then it’s perfect for me

the curve manners of this 21 inch front

tire if that’s a word

curve manners is I am surprised at how

well this guy this this guy this front

tire handles these these curves it

really sure there’s a longer dip in sure

oh yeah

the lean in takes a little longer you

yeah you’re gonna get that with a 21

inch but I mean as far as just boom

McCann slam this thing over of course I

can’t now this reason it’s 50 but you

understand what I’m trying to say is no

way is it flickable but the turn in for

an adventure bike a heavy weight

adventure bike that ways to earn 40

kilos with a 21 inch front tire is

excellent this response and the in town

manners of this bike is very very easy

very light here I’m doing 44 kilometres

per hour and what is that 25 30 30 30 to

33 miles an hour and this thing just

feels so light alright guys I hope

you’ve enjoyed this review one more

thing I want to touch on 21 inch front

tubeless tires an 18 inch on the rear

did if did I feel it did I notice that I

was riding on a twenty one and an 18

yeah you can feel it is it any worse

than say the 850 GS 21 you know isn’t

any worse than that

then the KTM 21 no so good job there

Honda as far as handling on the road on

the street that’s what I’m talking about

with this big 21-inch tire and tubeless

you get two thumbs up thank you Honda go

for going to bliss for us thank you for

listening to us for one

we asked that before tubeless and also

the TFT when I asked last summer

although you were already planning to do

it do I have anything to complain about

on this motorcycle you guys know I look

for something to complain about all I

can say is good job Honda really I I am

impressed now can this box with the big


the 1290s the 1252 1200s yeah I can this

is what Honda was actually aiming for

that big heavy weight adventure sport or

adventure touring market and Honda

you’ve done it you’ve got it

this is a contender now now with those

three bikes well if you count the mighty

Ducati Multistrada – and now this

there’s five contenders here in this

group and this is right up there with

the heavyweights yes I like this better

than the Kawasaki Versys that I just did

a few months ago I haven’t written the

vide the Nuvi strong yet well once that

comes out I will I’ll be on it in a few

months to see how that compares to this

but the the upper echelon that the the

creme de decorum the big dog bikes you

know where you get your 12 50 GS you

could spend 25 can I bike easily decked

out this this is about as decked out as

you can with this and it’s still right

at 18 or just below 18 so bang for but

sure it’s only an 1,100 actually 1085 CC

but never once today am i riding around

did I ever want more

our I was like oh yeah this is nice

great torque delivery smooth that kick

in the pants that you want that’s what

this bike does good job Honda okay guys

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review as

usual guys leave post below any

questions or comments maybe I’ll answer

them as always guys ride safe and number

two right like there’s nothing for you

take care guys ride safe in this cold


Oh some dear

hi dear they’re watching me


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