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Anthony DeVito hello Wednesday baby
yeah man I did that MSG golf retreat

oh yeah yeah how did that go?
not well no he did not find me to be

weird they will do great yeah I had a

lot of people come up to me after the
show and I got a lot of this like was that

yeah and that’s how hard it would like

them to find a compliment right right
had to be like was that a true story

uh-huh and you know what else I got a
lot of I got a lot of a rough crowd yes

yeah like it was you yes you were the crowd yeah yeah you could have been

better but man we got it we got a lot to
talk about Ron Baker the Knicks side him

two years eight point nine million I
love it I love Ron Baker do you man I

think it’s a feel-good story undrafted
he looks like the Midwest Luke Skywalker

yeah and this is we pulled this quote
“the first couple of times I pulled up to

the MSG parking lot and told security
guard I was a player the guy did a

double take and seemed skeptical that’s
amazing but now when they see my Hyundai

Sonata rollin they know who it is and
that business is coming” and this is a

weird way to talk I’ve never heard that
expression like Midwest gangster yeah

yeah you talk of you like a tough guy in
Kansas or something I guess yeah I just

don’t go through the old ups and downs
with me pal we got a great show John

Wallace is here man I love John Wallace
I mean Rochester in high school four

years at Syracuse the Knicks played
overseas he got game Lonnie baby someone

did the homework I read the Wikipedia page.
This is gonna ba great episode John Wallace

coming up next people talking sports

People talking sports with New York
basketball legend John Wallace what’s up

my man how you doing I got to talk to
you but we’re just talking about boxing

you’re wearing this Muhammad Ali shirt
and I mean what do you think of this

this Mayweather McGregor thing well I
think it’s good for for sports I mean

it’s going to generate a lot of money I
think it’s gonna be a good fight

McGregor stuff and I think you know
Mayweather the greatest athlete of all

time however any sport ever because he’s
been at the top for 20 years you can’t

name another athlete that dominated
their sport for 20 years not even Jordan

yeah I’m right you’re right when you’re
right you’re right

that was concise and perfect
trash-talking like McGregor the way he

talks it is good for the sport I love it
he but he’s confident yeah he really

believes in this abilities. he’s
proven it time and time again in the

Octagon now he’s going to try to do the
same thing in the ring I don’t think

he’s gonna beat Mayweather but I think
it’s gonna be a entertaining and good

fight you guaranteed four rounds he’ll
do it I mean that’s never gonna happen

sane I mean if he does that I’ll walk
around Manhattan you know in this bowtie

so you just gonna dress like Bruce Bowen
for an entire day yeah yeah I think it

will be a good fight though and I think
it’s good for the you know for boxing

for MMA I mean De La Hoya and all those
guys are knocking it because they don’t

have a fighter that’s in a dog position
Canelo would take that fighting a heart

be room with McGregor so it only other
boxers so you can’t knock a whether

because he used a cash cow still
well that’s like you made a good point

with De La Hoya a lot of the older guys
I had to trash the younger guys now

that’s like the way for the league like
teams all the old guys are like we kill

the Warriors right well but the only the
Bulls can actually say it and you know

have like it would really happen yeah
some other teams I don’t know but

definitely you think that for the 96
Bowls beat the Warriors this year yes

easily easily easily
Jordan because no one can guard Jordan

there no one can guard Jordan yeah it’s been
Pippen can guard anybody Jordan can guard

anything could you put Pippen on Steph
Curry no no Vaughn you put

Pippen on Steph Curry yeah you put Ron
Harper on a clay clay and you and you

let Jordan you know kind of roam and
play Durant to help defense and get up

in Durant yeah and then Rodman and
draymond kind of offset a little bit yes

yeah it’s interesting it’s an
interesting take on it would be a great

series but the Bulls win like in five

I think the Warriors depth though is so
like Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala

off the bench of all these great bench
doesn’t matter when when jordan’s

relentlessly attack in the basket on you
so you I mean you defended Jordan yeah

you so you actually know you’re talking
about and I just be honest that’s

basically what we’re breaking down
Jordan what’s it like defending him

going like that all with a your favorite
team to play the Bulls no because we

didn’t win enough so I like to play the
team’s when you know when you win on

probably Miami Heat those who yeah you
know beating them down in Miami the

close amount was also goal is good beat
me Heat oh I hate the other day me too

Riley smirk Oh Riley
everything about Riley feels like a

super villain to me like even the way he
got LeBron the first dumping the rings

on the table I think what a super
villain does you had Van Gundy who is I

mean probably my favorite Knicks coach I
love Vango he’s a Riley disciple yeah

any detail was incredible he’s the best
coach I’ve ever played for he was I mean

we were always prepared for whatever
scenario may happen in the game we went

over every scenario 15 20 times every
single day is it funny because you know

Van Gundy this amazing disciplinarian
he’s a really amazing student of the

game he knows so much and then you
listen to him on the finals and he’s

like oh my god Rihanna is it a weird
switch well he’s human yeah every man has

a weakness and her name is Rihanna every time really

I look back it’s like really one of the
coolest Knicks teams ever I think I mean

guys like you and Sprewell and candy and
Allan Houston well well the year before

we came my rookie year was probably our
our best team and that’s when we got in

a fight and you know because of that
fight we lost a 3-1 series that still

hurts to this day because we split with
the Bulls that year but we won the last

game at Chicago that year so we felt
like we had a really good chance at

beating the Bulls that year and you know
we didn’t get a chance to even go

against them because we gave up a 3-1
lead and lost at Heat

I think once when players are suspended
in a playoff series I think that’s like

you got to really look at that you know
I mean it was just ridiculous because uh

you know the guys that were suspended
didn’t get involved in the fight right

own punches they literally stepped on
the court to can step off like Patrick

Ewing didn’t got suspended one of the
dumbest rules really a you’re not even

in the fight. it is ridiculous and it
cost us a chance at a title yeah I mean

it hurt so you can I’m still bitter but
that was I mean that locker room must

have been just like crazy you’re playing
you’re a rookie and you’re playing with

Patrick Ewing it was a hardest working
person I’ve ever been around in my life

what did what was he like he is like you
know he just was this maniacal worker

just relentless no matter what time you
got to the gym he was already there

sweating I mean I pictured him sweating
everywhere yeah he’s one of those three

to four t-shirt guys like three or four
t-shirts today he wore three jerseys

during the game sometimes he sweat
profusely all the time oh my god the

free-throw line I remember the young kid
coming out with a mop and only oh my god

it’s like the Nile River right there
what is it we got more coming up next on

people talking sports in our panel and
we’re back on people talking sports join

us he he led Syracuse to the national
championship game but if you do the same

for this panel we will baby we gonna get
it all

john wallace yes every team has a
mascot he’s ours

Anthony DeVito and he’s so New York he
was baptized in hot dog water Chris Distefano

again if you look like Kristaps
Porzingis bouncer goes through a divorce

so you know it’s great really I was
before yeah what are you gonna I love

living out a garbage bags let’s talk
about sports let’s talk about sports baby on a brighter

Tim Hardaway Jr’s back on the neck I’m

happy you mention that because my last
girlfriend left me and started dating

some part of John’s a true story he
started playing great as soon as they

met and I was doing comedy at the Maui
taco but I hope that you know I’m gonna

test her and be like hey can you talk to
Tim you know he’s on our team again

woman starts market points you know what
I mean and I’m probably gonna get a suit

for that no I think she was dating him
last year in the hog she had a great

season maybe she was yeah and I’ve
worked the Maui taco it’s rough yeah

that’s right we’re friends on Twitter
Tim Hardaway now

oh you know yeah we follow each other
yeah really yeah no no I’m kidding

follow me now Tim shoot him a follow yeah
I need help

Paul George says that Kevin Durant sold
him on OKC he said this place will blow

you away
that’s kind of like that’s kind of like

like breaking up with a girl and then
being like you would love her yeah he

means low you away at OKC cuz it’s going
to be a tornado definitely in the middle

of the country Oklahoma blown away I
mean what what is blowing away in okay I

think it means you played in Indiana and
the only place that will blow you after

Indiana is OKC so yeah they weren’t
around when you were playing OKC no

OKC I’ve never been there
but it probably probably meaning that

you’re the big fish in that little
little city and it’s all about you and

there’s really nothing else going on in
OKC so the people there really adore you

and love you and I’m sure Kevin felt
that when he was there and I’m sure he

misses something even though you wanted
title but he misses the love you got

from OKC has his first place so even
though they call him a cupcake every

time he shows up matter
oh yeah but I mean deep down they love

him they love him he did so much for
that city you know you brought relevance

to that city at you know in the
basketball way so they definitely love

they might say whatever but they love

them deep down inside maybe in like 10
years old forgive them maybe yeah yeah

she’s trying to you know keep it
positive because I need positivity in

my life right now
maybe Kevin I could say some nice things

today that aren’t real not we know it’s
not OKC not blowing anyone

keeping it positive and people going
through tough times

I just love to that like the part solo
for Durant what makes a great city for

Durant was like Oklahoma City will blow
you okay I mean like how he must feel

about living in it like the Bay Area is
gonna be crazy

oh my god they’ve got a bridge they turn lights
on at night you got to go down here you

can see a five-time Olympic medalist
Simone Biles claps back on Instagram

person who says she parties too much to
be a role model the exact quote a person

called her trash she said unfollow and she
said talk to me when you train for 14

years and earned five Olympic medals I
think kids would say otherwise my year

off is well-deserved
take take a couple seats I wouldn’t

respond to anyone on Instagram now I
mean you know just I mean she’s a hater

whoever that person is is a hater
I’ve never been on social media so I

don’t really get into all that nothing
yeah I need never yeah I love it had no

idea how to even get on Facebook or

oh yeah the great banner dudes
completely yeah I love it she’s earned

it I mean 14 years she started training when she was six yeah poor thing

now you go John please John please you’re

the only one here with credibility come
on yeah the gymnasts are so committed at

such a young age they never really get a
chance to like have a childhood a normal

childhood so you know she’s such an
accomplished star if she gets a time and

sometimes blossom scene you know and
she’s she’s of age she she should I

don’t think she is of age I think she’s
20 she’s college years right yeah 20

that’s what we did yeah I mean sure hers
just a little bit more delayed that’s

and she party she’s four foot nine
probably one wine coolers yeah yeah did

she want five gold medals she rewards
herself of the year off I ate a salad in

2007 I’ve been drunk every day for 10 years you
reek right now it’s not good yeah you

guys are being nice Bryce Harper wants a rule
change and he has a suggestion for the

MLB all-star game he thinks that top two
vote-getters should get to choose the

also team yeah of course he’s one of the
top two vote-getters

that’s like me saying people with their
own show at MSG should get to make fun

office choices yeah ever show them a few
but what a matter of fact I do

yeah I mean I mean I like the all-star
game you know I mean I think that’s

actually pretty pretty a good idea you
know and switch it up a little bit but I

just think like everybody for the
all-star game I think if you really want

to spice it up if you really want to
spice it up it’s just I think you should

put it just for the all-star game give
everyone put everyone in like SWAT gear

all the players put hockey boards up as
high as you can give the players

aluminum bats and just let them hit
7,000 foot 500 mile per hour a homerun

and just I think that would be great I
love that nobody other than the highway

a ball go through look Aaron judge yeah
yeah I think that’s what I think you

know it would be awesome but well I
write I’m just no but a little of my dad

sleep out in there who am I?

like this is gonna get us ratings yeah
more meltdowns on the show you

think I mean do you.. love sucks

who do you think makes more money Judge Judy

for Aaron Judge Judge would definitely
make more money next year right now

probably judge you I don’t know who
Aaron judge is we have a bunch of film

nerds here no sports guys how much money
do you think Aaron judge is making this

season not too much above the minimum
like somewhere in the millions

oh well into the millions I bet for
400,000. 500K? – that’s correct sir

you nailed it I don’t know how he feeds
himself he’s only making 500 thousand

isn’t that criminal poor him how much
you think Judge Judy makes per season 4

million 100 million 30 million like high
hundred thousands hold on to your

backpack rich I’m gonna hit you with a
number she makes 47 million dollars a

year waiting about that Rich good lord
what I assume that’s probably more than

you make even I’m making eight hundred
thousand today for this shoot I’m

sitting in dog feces right now for this
ah Joe List thank you very much Aaron judge

does not make nearly as much as Judge
Judy you can’t even close not even close

we gotta get into this one Facebook
orders a documentary series on the ball

family lavalla Melo Li Angelo they’re
like the Kardashians but else look the

whole of our ball thing I’m just tired of
talking about the guy honestly yeah yeah

no talent when you play he’s a terrible
player you’re saying he can’t beat Michael

Jordan one on one
probably not he asked me into it


those are not good numbers yeah 3-2
you guys weren’t you guys yeah he I like

to watch him come on Monday Night Raw
and just doing this he was doing to come

through yeah they’re pretty good shape
he looks good actually I was a but but

he comes in the room and he’s going like
this and you just see levar come on like

its personality is not made for that he
seems like a good kid he was way

different is more reserved on his
father’s you know just so I was spoken

and just kind of takes a light from him
so to speak and loud was just like

chilling he’s like I’m good I know I’m

I don’t need to say anything his game
speaks for so yeah he looks I mean even

though his shot isn’t really found
itself yet he seems to control the game

already in the summer leagues he seems
like he’s going to be a solid solid

player yeah I well John also didn’t want
to talk about the balls anymore so I’m

say any force I got I’m sick and tired
of talking about some are ball like I’m

sick of talking about I thank you I want
to say a word unless a good boy says

nope John Wall in my ex-wife John Wall
it’s not John Wall John Wallace someone

she probably dated this is a great story the hawk
CEO promises to pay for a wedding for a

couple that met on tinder night at Hawks
game so bad so hard to get people to go

to Hawks game yeah yeah I am yeah you is
like will introduce you a woman and will

pay for well just come to again yeah we
could resign Millsap will do anything

and numbers are low what about real hawk
night we’ll give them away people get talons to the

things the Hawks are the tinder thing is
very strange you know it’s like because

I used to be on it when I was single and
like the job it’s too intimidating to

you were on tinder? can I have your password? you
know ones you’re intimidating to be like

a picture the pictures don’t match the
occupation be like a seductive

picture woman’s like got a finger in her
mouth and I’m like st. Jude’s Children’s

hospital this is not match at all yeah
but ya know I have you ever been on a

dating website no no never you know
women just flock to me

yeah this how we catch is women he’s
like a hawk he does anything and we’re

back with Liz Gonzalez and the list yeah
today we’re talking craziest tattoos you

got any tattoos
none I’m scared Chris you have tattoos yeah

three regrettable yeah I field what
happens when you grow up in Queens

craziest tattoos here we go starting off
with the one and only

DeSean you ready this tattoo I think was
a noble cause he decided I want to get a

picture of MLK get it somebody stole
his idea and then he decided I’m going

to do Abe Lincoln because he freed the
slaves and say motif here let’s roll

with it but then nobody knew who he had
on his neck smack in the middle so then

he put two fives next to it because
logically that’s where you would go so

now not only does he have a $5 bill on
his throat but he also looks cheap I

love DeSean Stevenson but you
got to know what the guy looks like if

you’re going to get the Ted that’s kind
of like marrying someone you met on

tinder based off their picture you know
next up Hines Ward obviously one of the

best receivers of Steelers ever had
possible future hall-of-famer he knows

what he’s doing on the basketball on the
backhoe on the football field doesn’t

know what he’s doing with tattoos this
guy has a picture of Mickey Mouse doing

the Heisman pose you’re a grown man not
a little boy going to the dentist that

wants a sticker come on man do you have
any tattoos John? no I don’t have any

tattoos actually I was going to get a
tattoo when I was like 14 the little

kind of gang I was in at the time we all
went to got tattoos of like this gun on

our chest and when it’s my turn to go I
just said I don’t think so I’m not

really I don’t like needles game like of
you I love that you wearing a gang back

in the day now you wear hats like you’re
in the news

next up the Morris twins identical twins
both play in the NBA

and both have completely identical
tattoos this one is crazy but in the

best way possible because all I can
think about is their mother and how

proud she must be that her sons love
each other so much

they really can’t look enough like one
another yeah it’s like a Sister Sister

episode you know they can just they can
just walk and go on a date together kind

of man it’s so it’s so weird that your
appearance is based on somebody else’s

like if that’s how it committed they are
to being twins so it’s like if Markieff

like frosted air Marcus is like well
highlight next up you can’t do this list

without sexy Rexy Rex Ryan of course
makes a list and it’s had to say

anything about him they say that the guy
is all about living in the now when he

was with the Jets he got a tattoo of his
wife wearing nothing but the Mark

Sanchez Jersey mark anchez went away the
tattoo did not he filled it in

then it became just a gesture as he then
who was fired he changed the green to

blue and now who know it’s totally gonna
change it to red for ESPN the guy came

in this is a tattoo not the new iPhone
update you know six months what you

thinking hey this has been a great
episode I’ll be laughing it up at Poughkeepsie

Saturday so come to laugh it up Poughkeepsie
Saturday thank you for joining us John I

hope you come back tomorrow definitely
will Chris de Stefano you got to come

back to me yeah man I’m homeless so ha
ha ha Liz thank you again DeVito keep

watching this show keep spreading the
word thank you very much all right

that was a good one

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