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pleasure to talk to Lindsey Bomba-Holcomb good to see you you

got a big sports background tell us how

it all got started in Poquoson um it

started at a young age both my parents

played basketball, volleyball, soccer you

name it and I really got into volleyball

because it’s a non-contact sport and

then that just kind of took off and then

now it’s that I’m an adult professional

beach volleyball was where it was at and

to excel in that career I found CrossFit

when you talk about CrossFit, it’s

something for all ages. yeah so I teach

classes from ages 4 all the way up until

legends group … it’s for the

people that are in wheelchairs no arms

no legs it’s for everybody it’s

functional fitness right when you talk

about functional fitness really it

starts you know evolving constantly how

the person does their workout routine

and the more confident they get the more

they can do right so I mean it can be as

easy as wanting to pick up your

grandchild or painting your nails being

able to reach down there

or as complex as wanting to compete

across the region or worldwide so it

just all variations and all ranges can

do CrossFit. when you talk about it

though as far as programs for classes

and so forth is it better to do

individual first or then a class or

group setting?

well here at CrossFit Oyster Point we

recommend that people learn you know the

basics first it’s much more intimate on

a one-on-one setting and everybody is

different so you have to apply your

coaching skills to that athlete so

therefore we personally do here

one-on-one and then if that athlete is

ready we have them immersed in the

regular class talk. about some of the

different as we look around this nice

building you see the robes… you see

weightlifting – talk about what’s it all

entail? so like I said CrossFit’s

functional fitness so we push, pull we

fall down, we get up. once the athlete

learns how to move

their body correctly and safely then we

apply weights right and increase their

strength training so it just all depends.

we like to call this the box because we

don’t have a lot of equipment here as

you can see, just like you said it’s a

lot of weight training and a lot of

moving your body around weight you have

a soft setting for the floor as well

that means a lot for your feet to use

your feet all the time right yeah when

you talk about as far as the the future

as far as technology how is it evolved

in the CrossFit as far as you can

measure distance and measure speed and

accuracy and how much you can actually

do. well yeah there the founder of

CrossFit Greg Glassman kind of proved

that the theory that constantly varying

your workout is going to be the most

beneficial so doing the same thing all

the time really is a monotonous and it’s

not really fun so changing up your

routine doing things that aren’t going

to improve your functional functionality

and life is really where it’s at, so we

have workouts that range for measure

time, we have workouts that are for

distance, for a weight so it’s all

different variations we rarely do the

same workout twice in one year folks

think about it as multitasking with your

mind, body and spirit you love the

multitask and this is definitely

multitasking well you talk about the

health and fitness as well getting that

workout getting that sweat for the

person that’s been kind of idle who

doesn’t like to workout you can take

care of a lot of ills oh yes I mean it’s

been pretty profound what we’ve noticed

here at least at CrossFit Oyster Point

we’ve had athletes come in that you

know struggle with their regular eating

habits or athletes that come in with

back problems and we teach them how to

support their spine with muscle

structure we teach them how to eat

correctly and then their illnesses go

right away so a lot of medications that

were taken prior are now no longer

needed so it’s it’s it is mind body and

soul it’s it’s all-encompassing and a

lot of what CrossFit is is the community

I know for me personally I’m not one to

be motivated by myself even though today

you came in and saw me working out I’ve

really been driven by the community and

this atmosphere of people just pushing

each other yeah yeah the energy you build

the energy you feed off the energy kind

of like you’re doing a team sport as

well compared to an individual sport

like golf or tennis but you mentioned

something very important a lot of people

now are on medications their back hurts

they got pain they’re on vicodin they’re

on something but some of that stuff can

be your mind but you do something like

this that can help you oh correct I mean

obviously the more weight that we have,

the harder it is for us to get around so

of course losing weight but one of my

favorite things is a lot of you know

depressed depression drugs like what is

it Zoloft and medications that kind of

are uppers and make you feel better are

the same chemicals that are released in

exercise, so those endorphins that you

get from you know that runner’s high

are the same things that you can get in

medication so that’s one of the most

beneficial things that I think that you

get from exercise. we’re talking to Lindsey Bomba-Holcomb

about exercising a lot more in our April

20 20 Sports Highlights hope

everybody is okay out there and you talk

about for the first time person doing

this they might have walked they might

have run like I said earlier they might

have been idle for a while you just

can’t jump into this there is a routine

right right right so we start out with

the basic squat is one of the most

functional things so in a squat we teach

people how to you know get down on the

toilet or off the toilet correctly or

sit from a chair unfortunately in

America we sit down to do almost

everything in life so we have hip

problems knee problems if you think

about the Asian culture they squat to do

everything so they have really healthy

joints so we start out with the basics

of squatting and then we build off that

like we said before once they can move

correctly then we add weight to them and

increase their muscle structure

something you mentioned it’s very

important to do because a lot of people

you talk to women especially they don’t

mind sitting on the floor and having a

conversation where you talk to a guy

who’ll say I’ll never get on the floor

and do any type of conversation but that

is a form of exercise to sit down get up

without even thinking about it

flexibility is one of the most important

elements because if you think about us

tripping or falling if we if our joints

go out or our ligaments are out then

we’re not used to that positioning then

we could hurt ourselves but if we are

normal you know we get on the floor

normal but if we normally get down on

the floor and get up in

we’re more apt or more less apt to hurt

ourselves in the long run because we

have that flexibility so so the person

that likes weights they’re in a good

place right here yes yes they need to

learn how to move them correctly because

a lot of times you go to certain gyms

and you’re by yourself or you’re trying

to look at the little screen on the

machine and you’re trying to figure out

what they’re doing as opposed to having

that one-on-one personal connection with

that coach right I mean even you got the

medicine balls here – those …how

about the function of a medicine ball um

you can do a lot with those we throw

them often but we also learn how to

squat them and before you learn a

barbell like a clean right you could

pick up your groceries or your child get

them here and put them over your head to

play we would train somebody to do that

with a ball first prior to the more

aggressive metal barbell right this is a

lot less scary and we’re kind of

appealing to that beginner athlete yeah

and a lot of this stuff that you

mentioned whether it’s an individual

sport or team sport or CrossFit is you

have to stretch a little bit you can’t

just walk out here from your car and

expect us to do this you got to loosen

up yeah I mean the older the older we

get the more we have to warm up and our

owners Jim and Diane Coski Jim is a

physical therapist so having that as our

leader is really pretty awesome because

he disseminates all that information

through us … to us and we’re able to

apply his physical therapy background

to our coaching here at CrossFit Oyster

Point so that’s just a big benefit we

come in we do dynamic joint movements

just kind of waking up kind of oiling

your machine and then we apply that to a

more cardio or strength base and you’re

exactly right because when you give your

car and oil change you’re loosening it

up the same thing for your body right

your body and weight like we mentioned

your body mind and spirit all working

together right and I mean going back to

that car analogy if you think about our

bodies being a machine we put gasoline

in our bodies we don’t put Crisco or

like cooking oil or some type of you

know thing to make our car run so what

we put in our bodies is just gonna be

just as important to fuel that machine

or that car and now we heard these fancy

words keto diet before is just a no carb

diet but that’s all important as far as

you know your balanced nutritional meals


to come and get a good workout – you

just can’t eat sugar all the time no but

we we do we here at crossways report we

have specific nutrition coaching for

that athlete that really wants to dial

in or increase weight decrease weight

depending on what your goal is but we

like to say eat colorful foods eat

things that are you know ones that grow

just naturally are in the environment

and try not to over indulge or follow a

specific diet that’s kind of what our

motto is here yeah good thing everything

in moderation right you know but working

out to me is a way of life you feel so

much better after a long day from the

person that’s tied up in a cubicle

they have no outlet they’re sequestered

so this is an outlet yeah it’s an outlet

for a lot of us we a lot of us has like

OCD personalities and we have to get

that fixed right and we are high-strung

people so and we’re adults now to run

have that team sport that we used to

have growing up so this is our team

sport we go and compete and we fuel off

the energy of each other and we’ve done

a lot of sports that we’ve covered Ray

and I we’ve done kickball and swimming

and you see how much better somebody

feels after they have a session yes yeah

I mean you not only do those endorphins

kick in but you have better sleep you

are more energetic you’re happier I mean

it’s just it’s a spiraling effect yeah

and I mean I’m not a doctor but you do

feel better physically and mentally when

you get a workout I mean sometimes that

can cure ills you know just by

exercising I mean if you think about the

just impact training and osteoporosis I

mean the woman that dances at 90 years

old versus someone who’s sedentary and

sits in the cubicle you can increase

your bone density just by walking or

just by dancing it’s pretty profound

right know simplest things that you can

do since we’re talking entertainment

here you see the show Dancing with the

Stars very popular they’re getting a

full workout and they’re moving their

their legs their arms and some of

them probably haven’t worked out in a


yeah all right well that is our first

segment right here and with Lindsey Bomba-Holcomb,

talking about CrossFit about weight

there’s a lot of colorful things around

this wonderful building but really it

starts off with you as far as the

attitude talk about somebody’s attitude

real quick um you have to come in with a

positive attitude even somebody that’s

had a bad day the coach and the

community builds them up and makes them

feel like they can do this and not

everybody’s gonna come in just gung-ho

so we try to push each other to have

that positive and I think that goes back

to your group setting thing you feed off

the energy of others you might be in a

miserable mood but you might be lifted

by the group the community right it’s

what we look forward to every day is is

oh my gosh wins our workout and let’s go

to CrossFit always … and we fuel

off this community all right part two

with Lindsey Bomba-Holcomb, Sports Highlights April 2020

will continue after these messages.

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and welcome to part two of our interview

with Lindsey Bomba-Holcomb, right here on the road Sports

Highlights on the road it will hope

everybody is doing well considering all

the pandemic that’s going on and of

course to cure a lot of fears is to

exercise and get yourself in the right

proper mind and body because you never

know what you’re gonna deal with outside

correct talk about some of the group

teams that you’ve been involved with

this far as volleyball volleyball is

another thing you’ve you’ve done

Antiques you’ve done sign language

you’ve got a multitasking background

let’s start off with volleyball I

started out in volleyball and my mom

taught at Bethel and she was a coach

there a long time ago when I was a

student at Poquoson so I would often go

over there

recently in the past ten years Bethel

High School started or Hampton city

schools started a volleyball team and

they needed a boys volleyball coach

so I began there approximately about ten

years ago and coached for about six or

seven years of there but for the boys

what did you see as far as volleyball

back then wasn’t the fundamentals of

what did you really have to focus on the

most yeah I mean here and to city

schools didn’t have a team and most of

these boys were basketball players

football players they didn’t really know

like the basic sport so most kids

grow up with a basketball hoop or like

they know how to dribble so in

volleyball terms peppering or dribbling

with a volleyball they were like what is

this so I really became passionate

because they didn’t have the bad habits

that some kids would have and I got to

teach the fundamental fundamentals at a

very young age when you talk about

volleyball usually six players on the

court at a time is that the same for all

middle school high school college talk

about some of the players on the court

if it’s indoor volleyball and of course

the rules change year to year but indoor

volleyball is six on six three back row

players three front row players you can

get as complex as having a defensive

specialist and a libero that comes in

and out but for most part at least in

high school settings at six on six when

you go to the beach now that becomes two

on two sometimes you play quads four on

four yeah you

– in a 25-point game the player’s body

language whether they get fatigued

especially the middle school level you

can … they’re disinterested

they’re hungry they’re tired there’s a

lot of emotions you can’t hide you’ve

seen it all well yeah in middle school

it was a whole different ball game for

me when I came to Gildersleeve because

you know emotions and hormones are

rampant but it’s the same thing happened

at Gildersleeve

you know we had a coach Osmond so he was

able to teach the foundations and the

basics but we still had about I mean I

think I had 22 kids on my team so

teaching half of them the fundamentals

and how to bump, how to set was still

vital for them to progress it into high

school because middle school obviously

is to teach the foundation and then when

they go into high school they continue

to play heavily volleyball’s always seemed

to be more popular with women and girls

over the years boys have always excelled

– in the Olympic level – but why is that

why is it been a gender like this is my

favorite sport volleyball is it’s more

opportunities I’m not really sure. I know

up north in New York boys volleyball is

is definitely bigger but I think down

south it’s a new thing it’s a new

phenomenon once the boys get into it

they learn the sport they’re just as

excited if not more than the girls we’re

talking to Lindsey Bomba-Holcomb right here in our April

2020 Sports Highlights on the road not

playing a lot of tennis and tennis and

volleyball are similar but you got to

get the ball across the night but

keeping it in play I’m amazed how the

rallies can last so long oh I mean this

year alone I was very very impressed it

was exciting I think I was sweating as

much as the boys were sweating I was

very proud of them but yes it’s it’s

very exciting sport to watch on and off

the court I would much rather be playing

but I can’t so I am jumping around on

the sidelines but if you have a lot of

passion you have a lot of heart for it

then you’re gonna play defense and

you’re not gonna let that ball hit the

ground therefore those rallies they’re

just gonna keep on going with volleyball

officials that do match cover your match

they seem like they’re pretty intrigued

with volleyball to begin with so they

kind of give the benefit of the doubt on

some of those plays but yeah they gotta

follow the rules – yeah I mean I think

at a certain level that the referees

will let the play continue

especially in a middle-school level but

when they get to those playoff games and

they know they can kind of determine the

skill level of those players they’ll

maybe call it a little bit tighter and

I’ve actually played with most of those

refs they still play to this day yeah

yeah we mentioned the the serve with the

spike though I mentioned the rally as

well all three of them are important but

you got to get along with your teammates

you really have to because six people

that’s a lot on one side it’s more the

basketball right I think it all starts

with leadership if you have a good coach

and you have a good assistant coach

which I had a dynamite one this year tie

and a good captain

then you can kind of step back and let

leadership take its course Ivan was our

captain this year with Lou Combs and

it’s just an amazing amazing thing to

watch you know sometimes the coach needs

to just back off and let the team figure

it out yeah but once you have that

leadership on the court then they play

as a team

and it’s unbelievable right because

somebody’s gonna set the tone you know

for the others to follow and you do have

people coming off the bench as well but

one thing about youth sports and adult

sports too is it’s hard just to put the

volleyball down and wait till the next

season starts something really should do

year-round correct I love that and I

have tried to encourage my kids that go

play club ball it’s a little bit more

expensive but it’s kind of like AAU

basketball so during that offseason

these boys and girls can go play and

kind of brush up on their skills so that

when the next season comes around

they’re gonna be like even better than


what do you recommend some of the places

they can play during the offseason for

high school middle school and college

kids in general around here for

volleyball I know there’s Hampton Roads

Juniors there’s Williamsburg volleyball

club there are there’s a club in York

County as well but there are multiple

clubs within the Hampton Roads area that

they can play in and there’s some free

clubs too where they could just go to

Peninsula Catholic and play on certain

Sundays well I gotta ask you this

because you use your hands a lot to talk

about how you got involved in sign

language I went to school at ODU and I

sat next to a deaf girl who’s now my

friend Karen Moss and she asked me to

take notes for her and I volunteered

with the disability services so I was

sitting in accounting

I had straight A’s ODU and failed

my accounting class oh okay because I stared

at the interpreter did you do my taxes

oh yeah but that’s how I fell in love

with it went back to school after I

graduated from ODU got a degree at

Thomas Nelson

he was anytime you see a video

conference or a press conference you see

you don’t see as much as you used to but

you still see it I know that makes you

smile oh it does yeah I mean providing

access equal access to everybody is a

goal of mine right and there’s good

things too we mentioned all the

different sports like CrossFit and

volleyball but also sign language you

can see that on YouTube but you can like

self learn well we have a class here at

CrossFit Oyster Point that I do that’s

totally in sign language so we make this

accessible fitness for the Deaf culture

and once a month we have just deaf only

classes that are provided in sign

language hearing people can come but

there’s no music there’s no sound and

they kind of have to live in the Deaf

world as one would live in a hearing

world do you like your schedule where

you can kind of freelance and do what

you want to do and be free as opposed to

being tied down because it seems like

you are a free spirit that you like to

be involved in a lot of different things

yes and I need to learn to say no more

on them but it does make for a full life

just dabbling in all these different

areas it’s it’s very rewarding what

would you recommend for somebody trying

to get involved in first of all

volleyball you know as a young adult or

an older adult and also CrossFit as well

what would you recommend the first steps

are to reach out well one would be

contact your school write your athletic

director at your school and see when

tryouts are and then go to that coach

and see when the AAU or the

community-based programs are for as far

as CrossFit coming across the Oyster

Point would be my recommendation we have

free classes on Saturdays and Sundays

for any age group Saturdays 8:30 and

9:30 and Sundays at 11:00 and they are

workouts made for everybody again that

goal of functional fitness that can be

applied at any level is what CrossFit’s

about you coached a lot of people over

the years at Bethel and other different

schools or anybody that’s stand out

that’s evolved to a higher level in

volleyball that you can be proud of oh I


tons all right they still contact me to

this day yeah especially one of my

closest kids when I coached football at

Warwick high school he and I DeSean

Fauntleroy is very close talk every day

there was a kid named Russell long who

unfortunately passed away but he was one

of my go-to kids

I’ve try not to get emotional about it

but he I coached him when he was a

freshman sophomore junior and senior and

he went and got a full ride scholarship

so there are kids that I have coached at

Bethel that I’m just I’m so proud of

and football and Gildersleeve

I mean just this year I was just

astounded that we won finals I’m very

proud to be a part of their lives was a

lot of fun and you talk about football

gotta ask you there’s a lot of

concussion protocol now the injury

seemed to happen more a lot of kids are

playing soccer yeah because it’s not as

much concussion stuff what is your

thoughts about the future of contact


well coach Harrison Harrison brought me

in because he wanted to increase the

strength in conditioning at Warwick high

school and my goal there was to make

them safer stronger athletes so we would

specifically target areas like your neck

or your core strength so that your brain

would not bobble as much in your head

and talked about flexibility in the last

segment about how if you are more

flexible you’re less prone to injury so

teaching those athletes how to get down

into a stance all the way down and again

providing that strength and that support

as a coach the other you have to

exercise your mind your brain your body

your spirit you know anytime you did

with a contact sport the equipment is

better but it can only protect you so

much right yes

ultimately it’s it’s your support that’s

holding it member we talked about the

spinal injuries and how the more muscle

that you have surrounding that joint the

more it’s supporting that bone structure

so that same concept would apply in

other sports yeah and I like the fact

that you teach kids to you know most of

the CrossFit that should be interesting

right oh it is fantastic we have little

ones that jump up onto a box you know

he’s Benjamin he’s this big but he jumps

up onto a box like this and the whole

place erupts and

have a PR Bell a personal record bell

and when you do get a PR you have that

feeling of just elation and excitement

endorphins going and he jumps up and

rings the bell yeah last thing about a

tire loose a tire when you’re doing


yeah and volleyball both right we leave

the tire attire oh oh yeah anything that

makes you comfortable we don’t care

there’s there’s people that deadlift a

barefoot I mean it’s functional fitness

so you do you well thank you for your

time and your talent and your treasure

talking about all these different sports

yeah continued success thank you

very good that was Lindsey Bomba-Holcomb right there

talking on our April 2020 there for

the entire half hour right here as we

talked about health education fitness

mind body and spirit so hope you enjoyed

Sports Highlights on the road for our

April 2020 For more long 1 to

for Ray Price I’m Greg Bicouvaris we’ll

talk to you soon


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