Match Analysis Mönchengladbach vs Leipzig 1st

Analysis of the match
Monchengladbach vs Leipzig 1st half

I am focused on finding the principles in the game flow and proposing applicable solutions for coaches and analysts

I analyzed this match as if MGB was my team and Leipzig was the rival

In the 1st half, Leipzig puts high blood pressure as always

with high pressure from the ends.

And the ends sometimes put pressure on our centers

We lost the ball.

Again, the high pressure of the 4 rival attackers

We lost the ball.

But, once we got out of the rival pressure,

and we arrived in the middle of the field,

We got the opportunities to exploit the bands because the rival ends still remain high, defending the area

Again, we got out of the rival’s high pressure

and when we arrive in the middle of the field,
rival gangs become vulnerable

Again, coming out of high blood pressure,

and attacking the gang

So the key in attack is how to get out of the Leipzig pressure

So, I’m going to suggest a couple of solutions

1. Centrals play inside

Ginter is dragging Forsberg in

Positioning inside the center goes well when the rival winger presses high

Also, the Leipzig centrals are positioned inside to drag in to our ends

But to do this move, we need detailed training that I explained in my other video.

So, I suggest another solution that can be applied in the middle of the game


2. The advance of the sides

When the 1st Leipzig line is high,
our sides just go up

to get a numerical advantage in between

The forward winger does not have to receive the ball but can go higher for the 2nd ball

Now we will see the Leipzig pattern in his attack

Leipzig plays directly with two forwards, opening

Especially Werner, one of the fast forwards in the league

As soon as they win the ball,

they play long the two forwards

Werner continues to attack our gangs

This movement confuses us

When the Leipzig ends close, our side can’t jump to press due to his back

This gives us numerical inferiority in the middle

Simply put, the two rival strikers grab our 4 defenders

Let’s see this in the game

The numerical inferiority in the middle

Our winger can’t jump to pressure because Poulsen is putting a threat on his back.

So the two Leipzig forwards are grabbing our 4 defenders, running down the wing or half-space

Again, the numerical inferiority of the medium,

because the positioning of the two forwards is grabbing our 4 defenders.

To minimize confusion, our defensive midfielder and winger need a simple start.

When the rival winger closes, our defensive midfielder marks it,

and the lateral protects his back, watching the movement of the rival striker.

On the other hand, when our side jumps to press,

Our defensive midfielder blocks the passing lane inside so that our center guard only the space behind

It is about communication between players.

There are two closed ends that should have been marked by our flyers.

But Leiner jumped to pressure the rival closed end.

Werner opens from behind Leiner

Look at it again

Other times, the rival ends are closed

So all he has to do is protect his back.

Now it’s chaotic due to some transitions in between.

But don’t forget in our beginning

Where are the rival extremes?

They are inside with our flyers.

So all our lateral player has to do is protect his sword from the rival striker!

Now let’s see the Leipzig counterattack

The most important thing is how the rival strikers move and how we put them under control.

Look at it

Werner moves in the space where he left the side near the ball.

Werner goes up from there

This leads to 1vs1 situation in the center

Again, our left side is going up,

one of our centrals is dragged out by Werner

This creates 1vs1 in the center

One of our centrals is dragged out by Werner

Therefore, although our midfielders lag behind in attack phase, they cannot help our defense if the rival plays direct like Leipzig

So I suggest a simple solution

Instead of these 4 players (2 centrals & 2 defensive midfielders)

I would put these 4 players (2 central + 1 Defensive midfielder + 1 far side of the ball) before the Leipzig counterattack

to protect the central area

So far, we have seen the 1st half, but in football the 2nd half is a totally different game.
In the second half, let’s see how the coach’s decision changes the game.

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