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Pivot & Pop with Dave Dunipace – Innova Disc Golf

Everybody needs to throw far, particularly off the tee. There’s no higher feeling when the disc launches out of your fingers into an ideal flight.

Tip of the Whip

Dave Dunipace, Innova co-founder and designer of the primary golf disc, shared his distance insights starting with the Tip of the Whip (should you haven’t seen his video, go watch it). Dave builds on that idea, highlighting what occurs on the Tip of the Whip and why it’s vital for lengthy drives, correct upshots and all ranges of putts—principally, each throw. It’s referred to as “Pivot & Pop.”

Pivot & Pop

On the finish of your throw, you generate speedy acceleration and launch the disc in a fraction of a second. Wrist pivot, disc pivot, pop! Should you give attention to ’the pop’ your energy and accuracy will enhance. Throw farther and extra precisely. Pivot & Pop.

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