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Components of a Golf Disc

Have you learnt the best way to describe completely different components of a golf disc? Figuring out disc golf terminology prevents confusion and builds your information of the sport. These are the fundamental components of a golf disc:

  • Flight plate: the realm contained in the shoulder perimeter — the disc middle — that kinds the form of the disc (minus the rim)
  • Shoulder: the connection between the rim and flight plate generally with further plastic, generally not
  • Higher rim profile: the form of the higher rim between the nostril and flight plate
  • Decrease rim profile: the form of the decrease outer rim
  • Rim backside: the place the disc sits on the floor flat
  • Rim wall: the largely vertical floor of the within rim
  • Flight plate backside: it’s the identical space because the higher flight plate solely beneath the disc

Be taught Extra Disc Golf Terminology

Dive deeper… learn the glossary of disc golf phrases and for those who’re a newbie, go to the Innova Disc Golf Information

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